'Four Walls V​.​2'

by T.L. Mazumdar

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''...beautifully crafted and produced...a major talent.'' Jack Douglas (Producer: John lennon, The Who, Miles Davis, Aerosmith etc.)"
- Sonicbids.com

"T.L Mazumdars` first album release of original texts and compositions is an introspective musical journey. With a minimum of words he manages to create utterly immersive world in which creatively tailored irony is used to balance out emotional ruminations dealing with isolation , uprootedness , and other Human frailties and conditions. It is intricately crafted , utterly honest and a pleasure to listen to ."
- J Millet, cdbaby.com

"An incredible talent. A thrilling album. An artist who, in short, just has it."
- Selin Gregor, esmusslautersein.blogspot.com

"...T.L.'s lyrics are introspective and autobiographical backed by lush keyboards and genre-defying bass-lines..reminds one of Brian Eno and at times Herbie Hancock..it's time to pay heed to these brilliant young performers in a world full of pop mediocrity.."
- mind_the_gap, itunes review

"''...true artist!''"
- yRo, myspace.com


released 09 June 2010
All Songs Written, Composed, Arranged and Produced by T.L. Mazumdar.

Mastered by Dave Vanderploeg.

T.L. Mazumdar: All Vocals/Keyboards/Piano/Guitars/4-String Bass

Massimo Buonanno: Drums

Charmaine Baines: Guest Vocalist on 'Patches and Toes'



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T.L. Mazumdar Nordermeldorf, Germany

“''...beautifully crafted and produced...a major talent.''--- Jack Douglas (Producer: John Lennon, The Who, Miles Davis, Aerosmith etc.)”

“Combination of intellect and intuition.....shows production skills that a veteran would be proud of.”--- TimeOut India

''....heady stuff...bloody magical.''--- NME India

“''The only Germany-based representative of Indian Electronic music''---IMCRadio Hamburg
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Track Name: 'Four Walls Part i (Prologue)'
Four Walls: Part I

I pay the price
For being so stubborn
It's no surprise to see the back of your head from where I stand and watch you go
Been here done this
A thirty times before
Maybe thirtyfive or six
I'm really not that sure
I'm hanging in there
Hanging in there.

It felt so nice
To drown myself
In these stories of sweet destiny, things meant to be and harmony for all.

I'm hanging in there
Hanging in there
I'm hanging in there.

Come on back or these four walls are all I'll ever have.
I thought you said you'd never turn away.
Track Name: 'Deep Inside'
Deep Inside

I don't wanna say the words we've both already heard
Don't wanna take an extra minute of your time
Experience has taught me to speak no more
While dignity's still mine.
Should we reconsider this?
It's not like it's the first time
Loneliness is a heartbeat without a living breathing soul
And I can't bring myself to let this go.

Deep inside
My heart and soul
I've never really understood why you'd ever wanna go
Walk away
From me this way
So oblivious to these thoughts inside my mind.

Is more.
More than a word we use too much and throw away.
I ask too much of myself—cant give anymore
This can't be what I'm looking for
Thats all I know.

The world is closing in on me
I'm blind and battered I can't see.
Track Name: 'Home'

All around were these wide-eyed people
There was a nip in the air
Sky was dark-blue with few stars shining
I was home to a foreign land.

Easy way out for you to judge me
But come and take a walk in my shoes
Come take a look and see how things feel
When you're home to a foreign land.
Home to a foreign land.

Do you not see the light in my eyes?
I believe I've seen through your disguise.

''..everywhere you are is home.''

Every step that I take will take me
Down that road we could simplify
With simple answers to questions we seek
When we're home to a foreign land.
Trying hard not to understand.

''...anywhere you go I go''
Track Name: 'Patches And Toes'
Patches And Toes

It's dejavu alright
I've been here before
Surprise is only an emotion
A clue and nothing more.
A senseless urge to fight
Whom I kidding here...
Some kind of ancient force of nature
I think I'm losing my mind.

Hello my name is this have we met before?
It seems unlikeky though I feel so sure..
This things so out of control I could swear
My hands are helpless to the story they bear.

Deep blue sea in the middle
Nights of questioning and doubt
Deep blue sea in the middle
Who will work this out.

''Twenty days is all I have..'' I said
(Howbout the rest of my life)
Funny thing about the things you say
Is that I'm thinking the same inside.

I never really tried to make this happen
This wasn't ever meant to make much sense
There is no way that I can justify
The things I do and say just pass me by.
Track Name: 'Four Walls Part ii (Background Score)'
Four Walls Part II (Background Score)

Where's the backround score to this movie..
There's oughta be an orchestra in here
Singing violins,
Weeping cellos..
Wrenching hearts with compassion.
Damn—I really shoulda worked on those abs
That guy in the movies looks so much sexier bundled up in a corner of his room, with his head up his sorry ass.
Where's the background score to this movie..
Where's that harp that plays the infinite Major Seventh Arpeggio
While the orchestra breaks into syrupy Lydian melodies...
This is where the lovely lady enters the scene
In emotional upheaval
Finally realising she's been a fool to have been so blind to the painfully obvious truth.
That she's here now—she's come to her senses.
And we live happily ever fucking after.
Where's the background score to this movie?
Howcome that blond Hollywood guy with the big biceps never gets laughed at for being a gutless wuss?
Hes the sensitive, new-age zen guy with no problems displaying true emotion huh?
Where's the background score to this movie?
The orchestra's supposed to be rocking by now.
The audience is on it's feet in euphoria.
The world just changed again—love has seen the light of victory against all odds.
(The orchestra's going wild—The American president 's on CNN already)
True love shall prevail!
Where's the background score to this movie?
Where's the background score to this movie?

I hear nothing.
There's just four walls in here.
Four walls.
And me.
Track Name: 'Just Fine'
Just Fine

One stroke at a time
Theres land ahead up somewhere along the line
Keep your head above the water
Keep breathing in and out
We'll be just fine.
Don't close those sleepy eyes
There's a way to go for nightfall
To settle in
This boat wasn't meant to sink
In this ocean so deep
Stay alive
We'll be just fine, just you and I .

''...the pictures are fading.
I have to admit, Im at an emotional distance from you
...so yeah, I'm at a distance.
..did nothing wrong
...this isn't working
...I'm a whore
...well I slept with a guy I met on a plane.''

One day at a time.
Baby-steps to freedom from memories
Keep your head above the water
Keep breathing in and out
Stay alive.
You, Me , Myself and I will be just fine.
Track Name: 'Stay'

Stay with me.
Stay by my side.
The way it's meant to be.
Through these winds of change.
Take wings I don't have.
Come back inside of me.

My pride.
Is all Im left with here
Lost, defeated remains
Of a broken, distant dream.

''Once upon a time was a boy who grew up in different parts of the world.
He seems to think he's had a sad childhood—thats only an excuse.
He just watched too much American television, thats all.
And he ate too much,
And he drank too much,
And he smoked too much,
And he started growing kinda' sick..
His belly started growing bigger and bigger..
His dick disappeared!
He started having all these funny complexes about himself.
Once upon a time was a boy who never really grew up.''

Stay with me.
Stay by my side.
On this road to destiny.
Through these winds of change
Take wings I don't have,
Come back inside of me.
Track Name: 'Wonder Why'
Wonder Why

I wonder why I always think it will be you
I should've given up for ages.
I wonder why I always think it will be you
Each time the phone rings I'm so sure it will be you.
The things you've said and done and put me through
I sholud've given up for ages
Ages ago.
I know I'm a fool for love
To blind to admit I've had enough
Of this madness.

And still I wait here hope it's you.
I should've given up for ages.
Ages ago.
Track Name: 'Four Walls Part iii (Interlude)'
'Four Walls Part iii (Interlude)'

I thought you said you'd never turn away.
Track Name: 'Prayer For An Embarassed Somnambulist'
Prayer For An Embarassed Somnambulist

Take me through this sea of a desert
Come close my eyes so I can see
I have travelled mountains of my fantasy
In my search for miracles in ordinary.

Tie my hands
So I can reach out
For skies blue with violet mystery.
I'd cry at every smile she'd throw at me
Oh wake up,
She says to me.

Forgive me father for I have sinned
I have lost me to my sleep
Wouldnt hear you if you spoke.
The air I breathe is yesterdays
Tomorrows on my feet
Help me out and take me in between....

....the lines
On my palm
Speak of a story
Unveiling itself through course of time.
Would be easier if I could just believe
In this vast expanse of horse-shit all around me.

For every moment of silence.
For every long look at the wall.
For every time you refused to draw the line.
You've owed me answers since a lifetime now.
You've owed me answers since a lifetime now.
Track Name: 'Four Walls Part iv (Epilogue)'
Four Walls Part IV (Epilogue)

Words echoing down a hallway of empty memories.
My silence is my last reply.
And if there's been a shred of truth in any of this,
Let it ring in your ears
For the rest of your life.